Standard sockets for removeable bollards
Sockets for steel bollards
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Using the appropriate sockets many of our standard steel bollards can be converted into removable and/or lockable versions.
Using an appropriate socket the majority of our Decorative or Dome Top steel bollards can be made removable and/or lockable.

76mm and 90mm diameter versions are equiped with a flush central boss, ensuring that there is no trip hazard when the bollard is removed.

All are 100% galvanised for complete corrossion resistance and drain naturally through sub-surface gravel. These sockets provide complete stability with locking by an 11mm triangular key. The lock is protected by a black lacquered flap.

Please note prices include delivery when ordered with a bollard. If ordering separately, please contact us for delivery costs.
Standard sockets (mm): 60Ø, 76Ø, 90Ø and 114Ø
Lockable sockets: (mm) 76Ø, 90Ø
Constructed in galvanised steel. Lockable sockets have black lacquered flap.
Standard sockets for 60 and 76Ø bollards are available ex-stock as are lockable versions for 76 and 90Ø versions. All others are manufactured to order and are generally available approximately 4-5 weeks from order.

All orders are acknowledged by email with an estimate of the expected lead time given.
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