Infinite bicycle rack - galvanised
Infinite Junior Bicycle Rack
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A simple and efficient solution which can be extended to suit the required number of spaces.
A simple and cost-effective solution which can be extended to fit the area available and number of spaces required.

Manufactured in 30 x 30mm and 16mm Ø steel tube with a galvanised finish, Infinite is available in 5 space, 3 space and 2 space extension modules. 50mm hoop spacing is designed to accomodate all bikes including mountain bikes.

Infinite can be either freestanding or bolted to the ground using the pre-drilled holes. (Bolts not supplied).
  Length (mm) Width (mm)
5 space 1738 456
3 space 900 456
2 space extension 838 456
Structure 30 x 30 steel tube
Hoops 16mm Ø steel tube

Available finishes

Infinite bicycle racks are usually available for delivery from stock.

All orders are acknowledged by email with an estimate of the expected lead time given.
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