pyramid top hardwood bollard
Hardwood Bollards
FROM: 99.39
93 x 93 x 1000mm hardwood bollard (830mm above ground)
Ideal for protecting green spaces from unauthorised access or parking, these bollards are available in a choice of 2 styles, pyramid-topped or flat-topped and are manufactured in FSC certified hardwood. They are finished in a water-based stain/preserver in a light oak or mahogany.
93 x 93 x 1000mm overall, (830mm above ground).
FSC certified hardwood finished in water-based coloured wood stain/preserver in a choice of colours.

Available finishes

Light Oak Mahogany
Hardwood bollards are manufactured to order with delivery usually 5-6 weeks from order.

All orders are acknowledged by email with an estimate of the expected lead time given.
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